Hi! I’m Emily.  I’m obsessed with yellow labs, tacos, leggings, Justin Timberlake and Whole30. 

Like you…I’m busy, ya’ll.  I am a full time fundraising professional, fitness instructor, Whole30 Certified Coach and most importantly wife to Dustin and #boymom to Dylan & Tyler.  We love to share our adventures together! You can usually find us either hiking outdoors or running Spartan races together and lots of laughter along the way too.

My life was changed from the inside/out through Whole30 in 2015 and I HAVE to pay it forward to others.  Before Whole30, I was an overwhelmed working mom, not very confident in myself and just really didn’t know myself.  I dealt with stress with sugar and alcohol, didn’t work out because #momguilt and was really just coasting through life in a tired haze (sound familiar?) My husband and I needed to change and Whole30 was the catalyst to changing everything in our lives.  All by changing the food on my plate, I found myself and felt amazing.  That snowballed into my own version of self-care that not only involved eating nutritious foods, but also falling in love with fitness and becoming obsessed with personal development via books and podcasts.

I want to inspire you to “EAT, MOVE AND LOVE” yourself.  Whether it be through showing how I have been able to make time for fitness, sharing a motivational podcast, making a nutritious dinner for my family, or showing how human I am (like when I haven’t done laundry in what feels like 10,000 years). We are all capable of becoming the best versions of ourselves.  Let me help lead you through a Whole30 and help you change your life like mine and my clients’ lives have been changed too. 

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