January Whole30 Group Guest Speaker #2: Katie Kelly

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Meet our 2nd Guest Speaker for my group January Whole30, Katie Kelly. You guys…she’s the real deal and handing out massive motivation and #truthbombs and I absolutely love following her on Instagram. She’ll be sharing with our group the power of food (both as fuel and even psychologically). Read on to meet Katie! *Reminder that we start with prep on January 2nd, our Whole30 will start on January 7th and then conclude with reintroduction and food freedom guidance. You can still sign up HERE!

Tell us about yourself, what’s your story?

I’m Katie Kelly, Indiana farm girl, Boilermaker, lover of CrossFit, coffee, cocktails & dreams. Can’t wait to get to know you and hear all of your stories!

It’s not easy summarizing who you are in a short bio. What I won’t give you is a simple list of credentials, wave my magic wand, and tell you I’m the perfect coach for you.

The magic isn’t found in certifications, titles, & diplomas. The magic is found in alignment and living your authentic story.

So that’s what I’ll give you.

My authentic story.

The seeds that planted my purpose to help women heal their bodies and relationship with food.

The Boring Stuff:
Purdue Science Grad
Certified Crossfit Level 1 Coach
Certified Precision Nutrition Coach
Registered Radiologic Technologist
Mastermind Biz & Life Mentor

My Story:

I remember that moment like it was yesterday.

The first time I looked at myself in the mirror and the dark voices arrived. That pivotal shift that took me through years of body image struggles and abuse.

I was 9.

It started in elementary school. One of my “best friends” and I both liked a boy. The same boy. Guess who he chose?

Reason, “She’s fat.” My friend quickly turned into a frenemy and the stigma and label of being the “fat” girl attached with a vengeance.

These labels were baggage I carried the majority of my life. Heavy baggage that contained anorexia, yo-yo dieting, binging, purging, sadness, and a scarcity mindset.

Fast forward to 2013, I discovered Crossfit. Fell in love with how it made me feel strong, despite living on 1200 calories and thinking carbs were the devil. I then packed more items in my suitcase - overtraining, orthorexia, GI issues, and hormonal imbalances.

Tired, unhappy, frustrated, and READY to own my life, I sat quietly one morning & looked around. I reflected on my life and thought about all the other women out there struggling with similar stories.

My purpose and passion bloomed like the most beautiful bouquet.

My unique story has lead me to an amazing career & opportunities to make an impact on this world.

Just like life, wellness has many paths and many seasons. It’s a journey.

My purpose is to help you align your body, mind, and spirit to own your best life, heal your body, your relationship with food, and find freedom to live your authentic story.

What is your relationship like with food today?

Evolving from my struggles previously in life, I have a very healthy relationship with food now. As stated in my bio, I struggled with body image and eating disorders basically for damn near 3 decades of my life.

I still have days like everyone else I fall to the comparison game and have those moments I want to binge. Occasionally I give in, but now I do not beat myself up for it but embrace it.

I practice more intuitive eating and I view food as fuel. It affects every facet of your life and energy management is EVERYTHING.

If you cannot manage your energy and fill your own cup, you cannot give 100% of yourself to serve others.

What is your fitness routine like?  

I love ALL THE FITNESS. CrossFit has my heart. I love it for the community, variability, and the way it empowers!

I work out 5 days a week, a mix of CrossFit at 3 Kings Athletics in Noblesville and also functional bodybuilding with my trainer, Matthew Perry, in Fishers and online programming through Bryan Boorstein, Evolved Training Systems.

1 active recovery day and 1 full rest day.

Do you have a favorite personal development book or podcast you would recommend?

So many, personal development is VITAL on your road to success! Made a post about this recently with a list of book favorites.

Book Favs:

▪️Maybe it’s You, Lauren Zander @laurenzander_coach

▪️The Four Agreements, don Miguel Ruiz @donmiguelruiz

▪️One Word, Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, Jimmy Page ▪️Subtle Art or Not Giving a F*ck, Mark Manson @markmansonnet

▪️School of Greatness, Lewis Howes @lewishowes

▪️Girl Wash Your Face, Rachel Hollis @msrachelhollis

▪️7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey

▪️The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho @paulocoelho

▪️How to Win Friends & Influence People, Dale Carnegie

▪️You are a Badass, Jen Sincero @jensincero

▪️The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman

▪️ The Secret, Rhonda Byrne @rhonda_byrne

▪️Of Mess & Moxie, Jen Hatmaker @jenhatmaker

▪️ The Rain Barrel Effect @stephencabral

▪️ Healthy Gut Healthy You @drruscio

▪️ The Purpose Driven Life @pastorrickwarren

▪️ The Hormone Cure @saragottfriedmd

▪️ The Period Repair Manual @larabriden

Podcast favorites:

Lewis Howes, The School of Greatness

Rachel Hollis, Rise Podcast

Emily Schromm, Meathead Hippie

Mind Pump

Amanda Bucci, Bucci Radio

The Angie Lee Show

The Luscious Hustle Podcast

Hungry for Happiness

The Goal Digger Podcast

The Cabral Concept

Cody McBroom, BoomBoom Performance Podcast

Jason Phillips, The AlliN3 Podcast

Have you ever done a Whole30 and if so, what did you learn from your experience?

I have! Going Paleo or Whole 30 is a fantastic way to detox and jumpstart any new nutrition lifestyle change. It gives the body the nourishment it needs and decreases its toxic load from processed foods from the “Standard American Diet.” You will feel amazing! It serves as a reminder how our body feels functioning at our highest with the true fuel it needs. Our bodies are like machines. If you give a machine the wrong fuel, it doesn’t function properly.

What advice would you give someone considering the Whole30?

Stick with it and don’t give up. Take it one day a time and start with goals and changes that are attainable for your lifestyle. Meal prep, prep is everything and HIRE A COACH if you are unsure of what you are doing. All the success people in the world have coaches. Coaches help you level up to your potential.

Favorite Quote:

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, “I used everything you gave me.” - Erma Bombeck

Where can everyone find you and learn more about what you do?


Instagram is my main platform for inspiration and educational content: @lil_bit_of_fit

New Blog: https://lilbitoffit.wordpress.com/

Facebook: Katie Kelly

Email: Katie@alignmentnutritioncoaching.com

Business-Alignment Nutrition

Instagram: @alignmentnutrition

Facebook: Alignment Nutrition

Don’t you just LOVE her? So much inspiration in this post and she aligns with my whole philosophy of eating, moving and loving yourself. Ready to start the January Whole30 with me? Sign up HERE!

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