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One of the biggest takeaway’s I’ve had from completing many rounds of Whole30 is that taking care of myself should be a priority and that it’s not selfish to do so (but why is it still so hard?) That’s why with all of my clients we always focus on my EAT, MOVE & LOVE yourself philosophy. We change what we put on our plates, we focus on movement, and various forms of personal development. When I feel my best, I am more confident. When I feel like crap, I am very hard on myself and have low self-esteem. It’s all about breaking old habits and creating new healthier habits in all areas of your life.

Even with all that said…unfortunately as women, we are often our own worst critics. One habit that is hard to break is the story you tell yourself about yourself. That inner dialogue that is just between you and yourself. What percentage is positive self-talk and what percentage is negative self-talk for you?

So…to help you create a new habit of self love I am launching the #SELFLOVEFEBRUARY Challenge! Starting Monday the 4th, I will be posting everyday on my Instagram something that I love about myself and I want to encourage you to do the same with the tag #SELFLOVEFEBRUARY & to tag me as well so I can see all of you taking the challenge! This might be challenging for some of you (I know it will be for me!) but it will get easier and easier as the days go by and eventually that inner dialogue of yours will be more positive. So…who’s in? #SELFLOVEFEBRUARY