10 Misconceptions about Whole30


Whole30…is it a diet? Can I have carbs? You mean I can’t have my nightly glass of wine? Is it a cult? I can’t live like this forever?!?!?!

Calm down, Linda…I got you! Today on the blog, I’m clearing up 10 misconceptions about Whole30 and how I can help you as a Whole30 Certified Coach!

1.) It’s just another yo-yo diet: the whole point of the Whole30 is to help you find your own version of Food Freedom and never have to do the Whole30 again. However, this is a process and could take a few Whole30’s throughout your life until you figure it all out. It’s not an overnight fix…it’s a lifestyle.

2.) It’s too restrictive: eliminate dairy, grains, legumes, processed sugar and alcohol for 30 days? No way, too hardcore. That’s what I said before trying a Whole30 in 2015. However, the reason you eliminate these foods for 30 days is because they are known to be troublesome physically and/or emotionally for people. You then REINTRODUCE these foods systematically after the 30 days to see how your body reacts and then decide if they’re worth it to you or not based on that data.

3.) I’ll be hungry all the time: Maybe at first! You’re turning your body into a fat burning machine instead of sugar burning and it might take a few days or more for you to figure out the portions of proteins/veggies/fats/fruit to eat at each meal to leave you feeling satiated.

4.) You have to know how to cook: Wrong! If anything, Whole30 has helped me figure out how to cook (there has certainly been some #kitchenfails too!) I do provide to my clients a very basic grocery list and simple recipes that my family eats weekly while doing a Whole30 (and not doing a Whole30). Keep it simple and as Melissa Hartwig Urban says, “let good enough be good enough.”

5.) It’s expensive: It could be if you go into the Whole30 without any strategies. Stores like Aldi and Walmart provide Whole30 options. Simply Google, “Aldi and Walmart Whole30” and there are a TON of different resources out there! (plus you might not eat out quite as much so that will save you money too!)

6.) I’m already healthy & don’t need to do a Whole30: Great! You could still use a Whole30. Why? Because there quite possibly could be some foods giving you issues that you don’t realize and not to mention all of the Non-Scale Victories.

7.) I can’t not weight myself for 30 days: I would ask yourself why not? That number on the scale doesn’t define you. Without the scale, you’re really able to see the non-scale victories more clearly and not get caught up in the weight loss/diet culture many of us are accustomed to.

8.) I can’t do the Whole30 because I have kids and/or spouse: you can! I promise…you make this fun for you kids (and your spouse) and have them help you prep and ask them to be open to trying new foods and to please be supportive of you. Will you sometimes have to make a different side for them…maybe…will they be open to trying new foods….maybe….you sticking to and sharing your WHY for doing a Whole30 will help you and them get through the 30 days successfully.

9.) I’ll have no social life: no more happy hour for you? Wrong! You can absolutely still go and enjoy the time with friends or coworkers. Have an “elevator speech” in mind that you can share with your friends about why you are forgoing the wine and having sparkling water instead. It’s really no big deal to the others vs. what the story you build in your head.

10.) I can’t go without alcohol for 30 days: this is the most common objection I hear from my clients. I’ll hear, “Can I do all the other rules but still have my wine?” The answer is a hard NO. If you have to rely on alcohol that much that you can’t go without it for 30 days, we need to have a deep conversation.

Did this answer some of the misconceptions or objections you have about doing a Whole30? You can do hard things. Whole30 is one of them. So…are you ready to commit to taking care of yourself via a Whole30? I help my clients use Whole30 to help find their own version of self care and I want to do that for you too. My next group starts September 2nd (prep begins August 28th) Let’s go!