Q: What is the Whole30?

A: The Whole30 is a 30 day elimination diet to help you evaluate your habits and relationship around food. You take out foods that are known to be problematic either to your gut, your immune system, your hormones and/or psychologically. So for 30 days you eliminate: processed sugars, alcohol, dairy, grains, legumes (including peanuts & all forms of soy) and even MSGs, carrageenans, sulfites*. After the 30 days, you systematically reintroduce these foods to see how your body and mind react and allow yourself to decide what foods are worth it to you or not.

*The fine print—the following are exceptions to the rules: ghee or clarified butter, fruit juice, certain legumes including green beans, sugar snap & snow peas, vinegar, coconut aminos, and salt.

Q: So what do I actually eat?

A: Actually a lot of great, REAL food! You can have fresh quality meats, seafood, eggs, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats from oils, nuts & seeds.

Q: What other rules are there?

A: There is obviously the elimination of those problematic foods, but there are a few other rules to remember. They include: no stepping on the scale for 30 days (I mean it!), do not recreate treats with compliant ingredients (paleo pancakes or pizza, for example). This is called “Sex with Your Pants On” (we’ll chat about this more).

Q: Who should do the Whole30?

A: Anybody! There are many non-scale victories that happen during my clients’ Whole30 to help ease the following and more: Trouble sleeping, bloating, sugar addiction, yo-yo dieting, no idea how to meal prep, anxiety, low self-esteem, achey joints, various autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, acne, celiac, IBS, etc. *always consult your doctor before starting a new nutritional protocol

Q: Why would I pay a Coach to lead me through a Whole30?

A: Let me preface this and tell you that ALL of the Whole30 resources you could ever need to do a Whole30 are available for FREE at www.whole30.com. However, there was a need in the Whole30 community for some added accountability. There are many people that start a Whole30, but do no finish it all the way through. That’s what I’m here to help you do as a Whole30 Certified Coach. I’m a Whole30 expert and your accountability partner to help lead you from beginning to end of your Whole30 into your own version of Food Freedom.

Q: When should I do a Whole30?

A: Anytime you want! I wouldn’t suggest doing a Whole30 while on vacation or during the holidays, but it is your personal choice. I offer various coaching options throughout the year including an On Your Own Course and Private Coaching. I only offer the Group Coaching option in January, May and September.

Q: What if I fail my Whole30 with you and want a refund?

A: Sorry, no refunds friend! You can always start over and/or continue in our group but that is up to you! I am providing you all the tools, but you have to be dedicated to sticking with the rules throughout your Whole30.

Q: Where do you recommend I start if I want to learn more about Whole30?

A: There is a wealth of information located at www.whole30.com and various books for you to read.

If you want to know the “why” and science behind Whole30: “It Starts with Food”

If you just want to take action: “The Whole30”

Your Whole30 Secret Weapon: “Whole30 Day by Day” daily journal

Life after your Whole30: “Food Freedom Forever”

And many AMAZING cookbooks including: “Whole30 Cookbook” “Whole30 Slow Cooker” “Whole30 Fast & Easy” “The Whole Smiths Good Food Cookbook”